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had found the answer in another
premium brand’s high
performance food.
Thunder ate eagerly for a time
and Scott believed that the
problem was solved. That
was not to be the case, however.
Several months after starting
on the new food, Thunder
developed allergies that
Manifested themselves in severe
and constant ear infections. The
veterinarian recommended that
Thunder be placed on a lamb
and rice diet. However, from
past experience Scott knew that
Thunder did not like lamb-based
food. “Once again, I found
myself desperately searching for
a food that Thunder would eat,”
says Scott. Because regular lamb
and rice foods do not have the
caloric value needed by an active
hunting dog, Scott’s solution was
to special order a high
performance lamb and rice based
food from yet another
For the next several months,
Scott struggled but managed to
get Thunder to eat the lamb and
rice diet. The dog’s ears cleared
up and life with Thunder finally
returned to normal, although
feeding continued to be a chore.
yet, while Scott was happy that
his dog was finally eating
something, he became
increasingly unhappy with the
appearance of Thunder’s coat
and with the dog’s energy level.
Scott and his veterinarian agreed
to run additional allergy tests on
Thunder and in doing so. it was
determined that the dog was
allergic to corn and some grain
fillers in dog foods. Scott felt this
was good news as he hoped that
maybe he could find a chicken -
based food - Thunder’s favorite -
that didn’t contain any of the
products to which he was
allergic. With the help of his
veterinarian and a local pet store
owner, Scott discovered Wellness
Chicken formula. Made with
human grade ingredients,
Wellness is highly palatable and
contains no corn or wheat, which
can cause allergic reactions in
some dogs.
According to Scott, “The jury is
in and it’s two thumbs up for
Wellness. Thunder absolutely
loves it.” In the past, Scott always
had to mix in cheese or canned
food to get
Thunder interested in eating. But
not with Wellness. Thunder eats
Wellness plain and when the
bowl is empty, Scott claims the
dog licks the bowl to get the
crumbs. Thunder began by eating
Wellness Chicken formula, but
has begun to enjoy Wellness
Lamb and Rice, a formula ideal
for dogs with food allergies.
Because Wellness formulas
contain primarily human grade
meats and fish as their primary
protein source, plus healthy
grains and fresh whole fruits and
vegetables, Scott and Thunder
now have choices they didn’t
have before.
Thunder has been happily eating
Wellness for eleven months. Scott
says, “He just loves it and can’t
wait for his feeding time. He
parades around the house with
his food dish when it’s time to
feed him.” Not only have his
allergies disappeared, but Scott
has also noticed that Thunder’s
coat has become beautiful and
shiny and his energy level has
increased. For Scott, though, the
biggest benefit of feeding
Wellness to Thunder has been
peace of mind. “I’m no longer
dealing with problems, and
Thunder is a happy, healthy dog
who can’t wait for hunting season
to begin,” he says. “Wellness is
the best food I have tried for him
and I have tried them ALL!”
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