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March 2002 - Thunder spends the day playing in the surf at the beach. Thunder loved to just run and
explore. He usually wouldn’t go into the water unless I was sending him for a retrieve but on this day
I couldn’t keep him out of it.
August 2001 & December 2006 - Thunder really enjoyed retrieving. I think he had as much fun with the
canvas dummies as he did when he was bringing me the real thing( well almost ). He never seemed to tire
of it and always seemed eager to continue on. These videos show how he never let his knee injuries slow
him down for long.
2006 to 2008 - THIS is what Thunder lived for! Didn’t matter to him how hot or cold it was. It didn’t matter
if it was snowing, sleeting, or raining. It didn’t matter if there was a howling 50mph wind causing waves
to break over him as he swam and it didn’t matter if he had to crash through ice and snow to get a bird.
These clips are just simple retrieves I was able to video but there was never a retrieve to tough for him.