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2X NAFC/NFC/DUAL CH - Super Chief
AFC/FC - Dude's Double Or Nothin'
AFC/FC - Itchin To Go
FC - Madam Queen II
AFC - Dee's Dandy Dude
5XBOB CH - Monarch's Blk Arrogance WC CD
CH - Elyod's Magic Muffin  WC CD
CH - Lockerbie Brian Boru  WC
CH - Lockerbie Kismet  WC
CH - Agber Daisy Of Campbellcroft  WC
CH - Royal Oaks VIP O'Shamrock Acre  CD
CH - Shamrock Acres Casey Jones  CD
CH - Shamrock Acre Sparkle Plenty  CD
CH  - Elyod's Real McCoy
CH - Receiver Of Cranspire
CH - Lockerbie Shillelagh
CH - Shookstown Sundance
CH - Hollidaze Mornin Mist Moroje
CH - Jake from Silver Oaks
CH - Killingsworth Thunderson  WC
CH - Sunnybrook Acres Solitaire
CH - Sunnybrook Acres Spun Gold
CH - Jayncourt Ajoco Justice
CH - Ballyduff Lark
CH - Elysium's Citizen Kane
CH - Muskelunge's Champagne Lady
CH - Sandylands Midnight Cowboy
CH - Shookstown Gimlet
CH - Could Be's Excalibur
CH - Sandylands Midas
CH - Sorn Sandpiper Of Follytower
CH - Could Be's Rusty Rock
CH - Could Be's Toffee Teddy Bear
CH - Windrow's Samantha
CH - Whygin Gentle Julia Of Avec
CH - Franklin's Sun Star
CH - Franklin's Spring Dawn
CH - Peaches Of Riverview
CH - Could Be's Black Pepper
CH - Grovetons Copper Buckshot
CH - Gunfields Super Charger
CH - Lawnwoods Hot Chocolate
CH - Whygin Busy Belinda
CH - Campbellcroft's Angus  WC CD
CH - Briary Trace Of Brain  WC CD
CH - Killingsworth Thunderson  WC
CH - Monarch's Barnaby Jewel  WC
CH - Monarch's Dusty Chief  WC
CH - Shookstown Solo Smasher  CD
CH - Shamrock Acres Royal Oaks W. CD
CH - Beer's Mug  CD
CH - Groveton's Copper Adventurer
CH - Wingmasters Could Be Heidi
CH - Shookstown River Mist Hathir
CH - Torguay's Scorpio
CH - Shamrock Acres Golden Rod
CH - Franklin's Delta Dynamite
CH - Briary Abby Road
CH - Shamrock Acres Maggie B
CH - Sunnybrook Acres Sandpiper
CH - Allegheny's Eclipse
CH - Shamrock Acres Light Brigade
CH - Briary Brian's Song
CH - Ham's Surefire Winston
CH - Could Be's Haven Rock 
CH - Blake's Gold Dust Of Hazel Park
CH - Could Be's Hailstone
CH - Could Be's Chestnut Wrangler
CH - Spendrock Anthony Adverse
CH - Briary Floradora
CH - Shookstown Gimlet's Cinders
CH - Goldsboro Kim
CH - Sandylands Midnight Cowboy
CH - Black Jim Of Rosecliff
CH - Shookstown Gimlet
CH - Shamrock Acres Fring Benefit
CH - Shamrock Acres Peg Of My Heart
CH - Shamrock Acres Golden Accent
CH - Heatherbrooks Could Be Jazzy
CH - Ercannach Black Coachman
CH - Allegheny Bezique
Delta's Queen Of Nikolai - CD
Amblrside Marachino - CD
Baywood Palomino Perdy O'VIP - CD